Whats does WC mean?

Whats does WC mean?

Water Closet

What does WC stand for in work?

Acronym Definition
WC Working Copy
WC Water Curtain (various companies)
WC Word Count
WC War Chief (gaming)

What is WC in chat?

Summary of Key Points. “Toilet (from Water Closet)” is the most common definition for WC on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What is a WC in a house?

In British English, “bathroom” is a common term but is typically reserved for private rooms primarily used for bathing; a room without a bathtub or shower is more often known as a “WC”, an abbreviation for water closet, or “loo”. Larger houses often have a secondary room with a toilet and sink for use by guests.

What does WC stand for gaming?

WC in Gaming

13 WC Wrong Chat Chat, Forum, Guild
1 WC Western Conference Playoff, Conference, Team
1 WC Wing Commander Technology, Computer Game, Video Game
1 WC World Conqueror Play, Pastime, Game
0 WC Wailing Caverns Video Gaming, World Of Warcraft, Cavern

What does WC mean in wow?

Wailing Caverns

What are the types of toilets?

Toilet Types Explained

  • Dual-Flush Toilets. As the name suggests, they have two flush button options – a half flush and a full flush.
  • Double Cyclone Flush.
  • Pressure Assisted Toilets.
  • Gravity-Flush Toilet.
  • Composting Toilets.
  • Waterless “Dry Sanitation” Toilet.
  • Upflush Toilet.
  • Portable Toilets.

What is Indian toilet called?

Terminology. Squat toilets are also referred to as “Asian toilets”, “Indian toilets” or “Turkish toilets” by people in Western Europe because they can be found in those countries.

Who invented toilet?

Ismail al-Jazari

What’s another name for toilet?

What is another word for toilet?

bathroom lavatory
outhouse throne
pissoir restroom
water closet gents
WC closet