Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps For Android & iPhones

Music is a way to escape. Music is therapy. Music is a need. Listening to music, ideally from a high-quality music streaming app is our favorite thing to do, no matter what mood we’re in. The following is the 10 Best Music Streaming Apps will allow you to escape at any moment You can listen to upbeat songs while working out, or some romantic tunes to set the mood for your date, and calm yourself down by listening to relaxing music.

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps For Android & iPhones

Music is one of the essential things in smartphones. Mant of user can’t imagine their smartphone without music. Sometimes we feel disappointment when we want to listen to a particular song and you don’t have that. To solve this problem you need a music streaming app. So, here we have made the list of some Best Music Streaming Apps for Android and iPhone. You can download the song and enjoy that any time you want.

Best Music Streaming Apps for Android

1. Apple Music

(Try it free for three months iPhone & Android)

Apple Music came into the scene in late 2015 and quickly became one of the best music streaming apps out there. Featuring over 30 million songs, it has various monthly plans for everyone and a live radio that plays 27/7. You can also download and play them offline. If you’re devoted to Apple or Taylor Swift, this is the app for you.

 2. Google Play Music

(Free Download Google Play Music of Android & iPhone)

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps For Android & iPhonesGoogle Play music is known for its irrational number of over 35 million songs. The app is free for any user. You can add 50,00+ songs in free. There is a buying store of the music for purchase. Some of the latest or premium music is not free you have to buy that to play. And it’s variety of playlists and well-designed layout. If you subscribe, you get a YouTube Red membership, and you can view YouTube without any advertisements. This app now also includes podcasts.

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3. iHeartRadio

(Free Download iHearRadio for Android & iPhone)

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps For Android & iPhonesThis music streaming app is the favorite of many listeners because it is totally free of charge. The app is available for all popular platform as Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac etc. It gives you a wide range of music including music service of 1500 live radio stations with numerous genres. It has Christmas radio, talk radio, seasonal radio and if that’s not enough you can create your own custom radio based on your taste in music. You can select the continental radio which you want to hear.

4. Soundcloud

(Free Download iHearRadio for Android & iPhone)

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps For Android & iPhones

This a personal favorite and a highly recommended app. It is a mix of independent music and songs from well-known artists. Soundcloud App is beautifully designed and works smoothly. It is filled with all kinds of stuff with the largest library of 125 million songs which includes podcasts. You could also put your own music on this app and get recognition. This is an all in one music streaming app. You can create your own playlist and podcast that.

5. Spotify

(Free Download iHearRadio for Android & iPhone)Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps For Android & iPhonesSpotify pretty much rules over all the music streaming apps, though it is so much like any other music app. It has 30 million songs in a library with handmade and curated playlists. Good discovery features, podcasts and video content. To get the full experience you’ll have to pay up but it has family plans like apple music and google music. The downside here is that it is available in some places.

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6. Wynk

(Free Download Wynk for Android & iPhone)

Wynk is the music app owned by the Airtel. Wynk Music has over 2.5 million songs across Indian and International music. The app has good playlists that can cater to any sort of music taste and listening demand. Regional, classics, top charts and what not. It keeps a history of the songs you listen and like along the way. If you a like a song you can download it with easily affordable charges.Though a few things could be improved, this is overall a very fine music streaming app.

7. Ganna

(Free Download Ganna for Android & iPhone)

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps For Android & iPhones

Ganna was the introduced the online music play platform. The platform is free for all user over the time Ganna getting popularity they introduced the Apps for their user. You can access to over 10 million Bollywood & English MP3 songs. Yes, this is the app which you see on TV when the really peppy ”bas bajna chahiye gaana” song plays in its advertisement. This app goes beyond English and Hindi songs. You can listen to Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Oriya, Rajasthani, Bengali, Assamese & Bhojpuri Songs for free. The app has its own charts such as Top 50 Bollywood Songs, US Top 50, Punjabi Top 50 and much more. It’s a one-stop app for all your musical needs.

8. TuneIn Radio

(Free Download TuneIn Radio for Android & iPhone)

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps For Android & iPhones

As the name says it is a Radio app. The app has all the radio channel you ever imagine. You can also select the channel by the location or language. TuneIn Radio lets you listen in on more than 100,000 AM/FM and Internet stations, plus 2 million on-demand programs from around the globe. Upon first using it, it will help you hunt down exactly what you want to listen to. You can listen to it anywhere on the go. It is undoubtedly the best radio app you’ll ever come across.

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9. Saavn

(Free Download Saavn for Android & iPhone)

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps For Android & iPhones

Saavn is popular for it’s never ending range of Indian music. If you want to listen to it on your PC, it has a web-based offering too. You can favorite songs and create playlists according to your mood, which your friends can listen too. You’ll be able to follow artists which mean you’ll know when a new track of them has been added.

10. Pandora

(Free Download Pandora for Android & iPhone)

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps For Android & iPhones

Pandora is the Radio and music app both. Sadly it is not available in all countries. The Pandora’s popularity has skyrocketed over the years. It virtually supports any platform (including some vehicles) and it is easily usable. However, it only features about a million songs. You can thumbs up, thumbs down, and skip a song. The number of times you can skip is limited unless you are a paid user.

“Looking back a few years, there was nothing like music streaming services at all.  But today no one carries a device for music, some don’t even keep songs on their phone. Because in the world of Apple music, Spotify, Wynk, etc, you can have access to all the music in the world. Please let us know your favorite music streaming apps in the comments.”