Is there a 9 ball in pool?

Is there a 9 ball in pool?

9 ball isn’t called 9 ball because there are 9 balls on the table. More likely, it’s called that because the focus of the game is the 9 ball. 8 ball is called 8 ball, but has 15 balls on the table, after all.

What is the highest number on a pool ball?

These are the colored and numbered balls that make up a set of pool balls. They are numbered 1-15. Numbers 1-8 are solid colored balls, meaning the whole ball is one color except for the where it is numbered. And number 9-15 are striped balls….Solids & Stripes.

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Number Color
Number 7 Burgundy
Number 8 Black
Number 9 Yellow
Number 10 Blue

What color is the 7 ball in pool?


What is the 6 ball in pool?

Six ball is basically Nine Ball with only six balls. The goal is to pocket the 6-ball which ends the game; the other balls have no scoring value. Six Ball racks can be strung together quite easily by better players. Players that are not skilled enough to run nine ball rack may get more enjoyment from Six Ball.

What is the difference between 9 Ball and 10 Ball?

Ten-ball is preferred over nine-ball by some professionals as a more challenging discipline than nine-ball, because it is slightly harder to pocket any balls on the break shot with the more crowded rack , the initial shooter cannot instantly win the game by pocketing the 10 on the break, all shots must be called , and …

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What Colour balls are used in pool?

The game is played with 22 balls, made up of one white ball (the cue ball), 15 red balls, and six numbered coloured balls including one yellow 2, one green 3, one brown 4, one blue 5, one pink 6, and one black (valued at 7 points).

Who is considered the best snooker player ever?

Top ten snooker players of all time with Ronnie O’Sullivan beating Stephen Hendry to No1 after World Championships win

  • STEPHEN HENDRY. Hendry has won one more World Championship title than O’SullivanCredit: Action Images – Reuters.
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What is the highest possible score in a game of snooker?

A maximum break (also known as a maximum, a 147, or orally, a one-four-seven) is the highest possible break in a single frame of snooker. A player compiles a maximum break by potting all 15 reds with 15 blacks for 120 points, followed by all six colours for a further 27 points.

Who has the most 100 breaks in snooker?


  • Joe Davis compiled the first televised century break in 1962.
  • The record for the most century breaks scored in official tournament play has been held by Ronnie O’Sullivan since January 2015, when he broke the record of 775 career centuries previously held by Stephen Hendry.