What is the most fun class to play in Diablo 3?

What is the most fun class to play in Diablo 3?

the Demon Hunter

Does necromancer use intelligence Divinity 2?

Offensive Necro spells scale with Intelligence. If you’re referring to passive lifesteal from points in Necro, it’s a percentage of damage done to Vitality from any source. If you’re referring to offensive Necro skills, your statement is 100% false. INT and Warfare are the only stats that count.

Does intelligence affect summoning Divinity 2?

INT has no effect.

Does necromancer heal undead?

Undead characters can be healed by Necromancer Skills like Blood Sucker and Mosquito Swarm.

Who sells Necromancer skills in Fort joy?

Necromancer skill books can be bought from the following vendors:

  • Mona – Fort Joy (Act 1)
  • Kerban – Sanctuary of Amadia (Act 1)
  • Tarquin – Lady Vengeance (Act 1)
  • Trader Bree – Driftwood (Act 2)
  • Eithne – Cloisterwood (Act 2)
  • Black Ring Alchemist – Nameless Isle, South of Temple of Rhalic (Act 3)

Where is the Fort joy ghetto?

Fort Joy Ghetto is a sub-area in Fort Joy. Here, you can find access to the Caverns and the Arena of the One.

Who sells polymorph skills in Fort joy?

Polymorph Skill Books

  • Doctor Leste – Fort Joy.
  • Exter – Sanctuary of Amadia, Lady Vengeance.
  • Trader Ovis – Driftwood.
  • Elf Thorndancer – Elven Camp, Reaper’s Coast.
  • Black Ring Alchemist – South of Temple of Rhalic, Nameless Isle (Region)
  • Jawbone the Merchant – Temple of Tir-Cendelius, Nameless Isle (Region)

Which hand does Braccus Rex wield his AXE?

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit] When asked about what hand Braccus wields his axe, you should answer that the question is ridiculous. This is because Braccus’s axe is 2—handed.

What level should I be to fight Braccus Rex?

Level 9

How do you get tyrant hands?

The Hands of the Tyrant are located in the tower/prison beyond the Gargoyle’s maze. To get through the Gargoyle’s maze you will need the Band of Braccus or some puzzle solving skills. Once through enter the tower.