What did efficiency progressives believe?

What did efficiency progressives believe?

Efficiency progressives argued that managing a modern city required experts, not politicians. They did not want more democracy in government, for they believed that the democratic process led to com- promise and corruption. In most American cities, the mayor or city council chose the heads of city depart- ments.

What did progressives have a strong faith in?

Progressives had a strong faith in science and technology. Efficiency Progressives took their ideas from businesses that were successful through scientific management. They wanted more democracy and a commission plan or a council-manager system.

Why did Theodore Roosevelt warn William Howard Taft to stay away from tariff reforms What was the outcome?

Roosevelt had warned Taft to stay away from tariff reform because it would divide the Republican Party. Roosevelt believed Taft’s focus on breaking up trusts was destroying the system of cooperation and regulation that he had set up with big business. Yes.

What did the tragedy at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company led to?

On March 25, 1911, the Triangle Shirtwaist Company factory in New York City burned, killing 146 workers. The tragedy brought widespread attention to the dangerous sweatshop conditions of factories, and led to the development of a series of laws and regulations that better protected the safety of workers.

What was the main factor that contributed to the loss of life in the Triangle?

Years before the Triangle fire, garment workers actively sought to improve their working conditions—including locked exits in high-rise buildings—that led to the deaths at Triangle. In fall 1909, as factory owners pressed shirtwaist makers to work longer hours for less money, several hundred workers went on strike.

What laws came from the Triangle Shirtwaist fire?

The tragedy led to fire-prevention legislation, factory inspection laws, and the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union. A court quickly ruled the compulsory law violated both the state and federal constitutions. The next day, 146 people perished in the Triangle shirtwaist fire.

Who is responsible for the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire?

Isaac Harris

What changes were shirtwaist workers agitating?

At the end of September 1909, with the backing of Local 25 of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) the Triangle Shirtwaist factory workers went on strike seeking increased wages, reduced working hours and union representation. Conditions were no better at other factories.

Why were the doors of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory locked?

They had to supply their own needles, thread, irons and sometimes, even their own sewing machines. Working conditions were so bad that the women didn’t even have access to a bathroom in the building, and doors were locked so that they couldn’t go outside and slow down production.

What happened to Max Blanck and Isaac Harris the owners of the Triangle Waist Company after the fire?

On December 27, they were acquitted. “Isaac Harris and Max Blanck dropped limply into their chairs as their wives began quietly sobbing behind them,” wrote David Von Drehle in Triangle. Immediately they relaunched the Triangle company on Fifth Avenue and 16th Street. But their names made headlines again.

What happened at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory quizlet?

In 1911 a fire broke out at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City. The freight elevator jammed and wouldn’t move, and the fire-escape steps collapsed under the weight of people using them. About 60 workers jumped from the 9th floor windows to their death. More than 140 workers died in the incident.

What was the result of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire quizlet?

Terms in this set (5) (pg 582), a fire in New York’s Triangle Shirtwaist Company in 1911 killed 146 people, mostly women. They died because the doors were locked and the windows were too high for them to get to the ground. Dramatized the poor working conditions and let to federal regulations to protect workers.

Who worked at the Triangle factory quizlet?

Most of the workers were poor immigrant workers. Who worked at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory? The majority of the workers were poor immigrant women, mostly in their teens, who could not speak English. Four elevators accessed the factory floor, but only one was fully operational.

What is the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory today?

The factory was located on the 8th, 9th, and 10th floors of the Asch Building, at 23–29 Washington Place, near Washington Square Park. The 1901 building still stands today and is now known as the Brown Building. It is part of and owned by New York University….Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.

Date March 25, 1911
Deaths 146
Non-fatal injuries 78

What is the brown building used for?

The building was donated to the university in 1929 by Frederick Brown and has been used continuously as an academic building.

Where is the Triangle Shirtwaist factory located?

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, New York, United States

Which statement best describes the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory disaster?

Which statement best describes the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory disaster? Which statement best describes the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory disaster? Most of the victims were indigent women best describes the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory disaster.

What does Shirtwaist mean?

: a woman’s tailored garment (such as a blouse or dress) with details copied from men’s shirts.

What were the results of the investigation and trial?

INVESTIGATION & TRIAL On April 11, a grand jury indicted Harris and Blanck on seven counts, charging them with manslaughter in the second degree under section 80 of the Labor Code, which mandated that doors should not be locked during working hours.

Why were factory owners Harris and Blanck brought up on charges of manslaughter?

Blanck and Harris, were indicted on manslaughter charges because it was alleged or presumed that they knew the exit doors were locked at the time in question. Investigations however unraveled that the locks were intended to be locked during working hours. The two men were acquitted by the jury of manslaughter.

Why was working at the Triangle factory a desirable job?

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was a desirable position because they were working in a much more modern environment: they had _____________________ ceilings and big ______________________________.