Which is more dangerous a black bear or grizzly?

Which is more dangerous a black bear or grizzly?

Black bear and grizzly vary in size greatly, but grizzly bears are generally larger. … Grizzly bear is more dangerous and more aggressive compared with black bear. Females with cubs are especially aggressive toward intruders. Black bear will attack humans only in self-defense, when it cannot escape.

How much bigger is a grizzly bear than a black bear?

Typically grizzly bears are larger than black bears but when one is suddenly close, you are not going to know the difference based on size. When standing, a black bear is generally 5 feet tall while a male grizzly can be around 6.5 feet tall.

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Is there a difference between black and brown bears?

Black Bears may be brown or black and sometimes white. Know the difference between a black bear or a brown bear (grizzly) ! ! The black bear and the interior brown bear often referred to as the grizzly bear may not exhibit a visible size difference. Grizzly bears tend to be larger.