Which is better Izod vs Charpy?

Which is better Izod vs Charpy?

Position of Specimen/Test Material: – In the Izod Impact Test, the specimen is positioned vertically. On the other hand, it is positioned horizontally in the Charpy Impact Test. Direction of Notch-Face: – The notch of the test material faces the hammer/striker fastened to the pendulum in Izod Test.

What is Izod and Charpy test?

Izod impact testing is an ASTM standard method of determining the impact resistance of materials. … A notched sample is generally used to determine impact energy and notch sensitivity. The test is similar to the Charpy impact test but uses a different arrangement of the specimen under test.

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What is a Izod test used for?

While being the standard for plastics it is also used on other materials. The Izod test is most commonly used to evaluate the relative toughness or impact toughness of materials and as such is often used in quality control applications where it is a fast and economical test.

What are the types of impact test?

There are basically two types of impact tests: pendulum and drop weight. Izod, Charpy, and tensile impact are the most common of the pendulum type tests. Impact testing machines evaluate an object's capacity to withstand high-rate loading and it is commonly used to determine the service life of a part or material.

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