When did the Atari Flashback 2 come out?

When did the Atari Flashback 2 come out?


How much is an old Atari worth?

Atari 2600 Game list & price guide. Prices for all 699 2600 Games, accessories and consoles….Atari 2600 PriceCharting Index.

Title Atari 2600 System
Loose Price $51.22
CIB Price $79.66
New Price $265.00

What games does Atari Flashback 2 have?

Games List:

  • A Game of Concentration (2600) Adventure (2600) Asteroids (2600) Asteroids (Arcade) Asteroids Deluxe (Arcade)
  • Double Dunk (2600) Flag Cature (2600) Golf (2600) Gravitar (2600) Gravitar (Arcade)
  • Realsports Tennis (2600) Red Baron (Arcade) Return to Haunted House (2600) Secret Quest (2600) Sentinel (2600)

Which Atari has Pac-Man?

Pac-Man is a 1982 maze video game developed and published by Atari, Inc….Pac-Man (Atari 2600)

Series Pac-Man
Platform(s) Atari 2600
Release March 16, 1982
Genre(s) Maze

Which Atari Flashback has Ms Pacman?

No. Atari Flashback 8 does NOT contain Ms. Pac-Man. It does however have Pac-Man.

Does Atari Flashback 8 gold have Pacman?

Arriving in September is the Atari Flashback 8 Gold, a that console comes with 120 built-in Atari 2600 games, including Pitfall, Asteroids, Space Invaders and River Raid. The device includes 70 games, including Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Frogger and Pitfall, and additional games can be added with an SD card.

Which Atari Flashback has Donkey Kong?

Atari 2600

Does PacMan have an eye?

The North American Pac-Man artwork by Midway, went a different way and depicted him as a yellow circle with legs and large red eyes. In-game Pac-Man was represented as a two-dimensional sprite of a simple yellow circle with a mouth, which is his current design as of 2018.

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