What specialties require a fellowship?

What specialties require a fellowship?

A fellow is a physician who has completed their residency and elects to complete further training in a specialty. The fellow is a fully credentialed physician who chooses to pursue additional training, the fellowship is optional and is not required to practice medicine, but is necessary for training in a subspecialty.

What does it mean to get a fellowship?

In academic settings, when people say "fellowship," they are generally referring to a monetary award given to a scholar to pay for his or her academic pursuits. A fellowship is typically a merit-based scholarship for advanced study of an academic subject.

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Is a resident a real doctor?

When it comes to medical residents, patients have a choice. A resident is a person who has an MD, meaning they have completed 4 years of school, but they are not yet qualified to actually do anything. … Residency is where you learn how to be a doctor.