What socks are authorized with OCP?

What socks are authorized with OCP?

The socks are tan, green, or black, stretch type, calf-length with a cushion sole.” and with the IPFU “Commanders may authorize wear of commercial running shoes with calf-length or ankle-length, plain white or black socks (no logos).

How does Darn Tough socks warranty?

Socks guaranteed for life. Go to darntough.com/warranty and follow the steps for our Online Warranty Claims form. This is your part of the journey. Clean your dirty socks, include the form, you pay to ship to us.

How do you care for Darn Tough socks?

Darn Tough socks are best cleaned by machine washing them in warm water on a gentle cycle. Because the socks are made of merino wool, it is recommended to turn the socks inside-out while in the washing machine. After washing, you should tumble dry the socks on low.

Is darn tough ethical?

While Darn Tough Vermont products are made with ethically farmed wool and green packaging, the community is the company’s real sustainability story, Cabot said.

Are Darn Tough Socks 100 wool?

Collection. We knit our men’s socks from the highest quality Merino Wool, and synthetic, yarns for performance backed by our unconditional lifetime guarantee.

What does darn tough do with returned socks?

If you get holes in your socks, Darn Tough will replace them for free. Darn Tough is so confident that the average user won’t be able to put a hole in their well-built construction, that they actually will give you a new pair if you ever manage to get holes.

Are Darn Tough socks itchy?

“It doesn’t itch,” they said. I was skeptical, but intrigued enough to buy a pair. I started with what seems to be the biggest name today in wool socks and baselayers, SmartWool. And they were great.

Are Smartwool socks itchy?

Smartwool, Icebreaker, Fjallraven, Patagonia, Nau, etc and they’re all a little bit itchy at first. The instructions even tell you that you need to wash wool to remove any loose fibers.

Do wool socks make your feet itch?

Also, if you buy low-grade non-merino wool socks, be prepared for some itchiness. Merino wool doesn’t itch at all, but lower grade quality wool definitely does. No one likes itchy feet. As for brands, both SmartWool and Wigwam make excellent socks.

Why do my legs itch when I wear long socks?

Compression socks can aggravate skin irritation and also cause itching. When compression socks are improperly fitted, redness and temporary dents in your skin may appear on your legs at the edge of the sock’s fabric.

Are wool socks better for your feet?

Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water, which helps feet remain dry in most conditions. Pros: Comfortable in cool or warm conditions, absorbs and wicks moisture, cushions, doesn’t itch like ragg wool.