What is the difference between Lldpe and HDPE?

What is the difference between Lldpe and HDPE?

This gives LLDPE higher tensile strength and higher impact and puncture resistance than the LDPE. It has a density of 0.91-0.94g/cm3. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) has minimal branching of its' polymer chains. Because it is denser it is more rigid and less permeable then the LDPE.

Is pe100 a HDPE?

HDPE is an acronym for High Density Poly Ethylene, which is also referred to as PE80 and PE100. All Poly Pipes in Australia are now made from HDPE material. The term HDPE is often used as a name for low-pressure drainage poly pipe, but technically, the material used is the same as high pressure pipes.

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What is Mdpe plastic used for?

Stress cracking resistance is better than that of HDPE. MDPE is typically used in gas pipes and fittings, sacks, shrink film, packaging film, carrier bags, and screw closures. In the United Kingdom, black (or blue) MDPE is often used for water and waste water plumbing, and may also be referred to as 'black alkathene.'

Is HDPE the same as PVC?

High density polyethylene (HDPE), on the other hand, is a polyethylene thermoplastic that is made from petroleum. It has higher strength, is harder, and can withstand high temperatures. … To achieve the same pressure rating as PVC pipes, HDPE pipe walls must be 2.5 times thicker than PVC pipes.

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