What is net and gross primary productivity?

What is net and gross primary productivity?

GPP stands for gross primary productivity and NPP stands for net primary productivity. NPP is defined as the loss or excess of energy which is generated by the process while GPP is the rate at which primary producers save and collect biomass for energy conversion.

What is GPP in ecology?

Gross primary production (GPP) is the amount of chemical energy, typically expressed as carbon biomass, that primary producers create in a given length of time. … In terrestrial ecosystems, mass of carbon per unit area per year (g C m−2 yr−1) is most often used as the unit of measurement.

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What is net primary productivity?

Net Primary Productivity. … They show net primary productivity, which is how much carbon dioxide vegetation takes in during photosynthesis minus how much carbon dioxide the plants release during respiration (metabolizing sugars and starches for energy).

What is net productivity in biology?

Net primary productivity. From Biology-Online Dictionary | Biology-Online Dictionary. The rate at which an ecosystem accumulates energy or biomass, excluding the energy it uses for the process of respiration. This typically corresponds to the rate of photosynthesis, minus respiration by the photosynthesizers.