What is J tube G tube?

What is J tube G tube?

A gastrostomy-jejunostomy tube — commonly abbreviated as "G-J tube" — is placed into your child's stomach and small intestine. This tube is used to vent your child's stomach for air or drainage, and / or to give your child an alternate way for feeding. You will use the J-tube to feed your child.

What is G tube used for?

A gastrostomy tube (also called a G-tube) is a tube inserted through the belly that brings nutrition directly to the stomach. It's one of the ways doctors can make sure kids who have trouble eating get the fluid and calories they need.

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What are the different types of feeding tubes?

Your feed can be delivered using one of the following types of tubes: Nasogastric feeding tube (NG) Nasojejunal feeding tube (NJ) Gastrostomy tubes, e.g. percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG), radiologically inserted gastrostomy (RIG)

Do you check residuals on J tube?

* You can check residuals through a gastrostomy feeding tube (PEG). * Do NOT attempt to check residuals through a small bore feeding tube (Corpak), as they are easily occluded and displaced. * It is NOT necessary to check residuals on postpyloric feeding tubes (nasoduodenal, nasojejunal, or jejunostomy tubes).