What is ex situ and in situ conservation?

What is ex situ and in situ conservation?

What is Ex situ Conservation? Ex situ Conservation is one of the methods of the conservation of living organism outside their natural habitat through genetic conservation. It includes both captive propagation of species and their eventual release into natural or restored ecosystem.

What is meant by ex situ conservation?

Ex situ conservation literally means, "off-site conservation". … Individuals maintained ex situ exist outside an ecological niche. This means that they are not under the same selection pressures as wild populations, and they may undergo artificial selection if maintained ex situ for multiple generations.

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What is in situ conservation of biodiversity?

Principles of in situ and ex situ conservation of biodiversity. In situ conservation is the on-site conservation of genetic resources in natural populations of plants or animal species such as forest genetic resources, in natural populations of tree and animal species.