What is ethanol and ethanoic acid?

What is ethanol and ethanoic acid?

Ethanol and ethanoic acid (acetic acid) belongs to alcohol and carboxylic acid compounds respectively. … Both Ethanol and ethanoic acid are acidic compounds. Ethanol and ethanoic acid react to give ethyl ethanoate.

Why Ethanoic acid is stronger than ethanol?

q Acetic acid is more acidic than ethanol, because the anion of acetic acid, i.e. the acetate anion, is resonance stabilized , but the anion of ethanol is not. In both anions, the negative charge is on oxygen, so the resonance effect is essentially the only differentiating effect.

Which is more acidic ethanol or Ethanoic acid?

Is ethanoic acid a stronger acid than ethanol? Yes, because ethanoic acid ionizes in water and ethanol does not. Acids always ionize, at least partly, in water. Ethanoic acid ionizes because the conjugate base is stabilized by resonance of the anion with the carbonyl.