What is a somatization disorder?

What is a somatization disorder?

Somatic symptom disorder (SSD formerly known as "somatization disorder" or "somatoform disorder") is a form of mental illness that causes one or more bodily symptoms, including pain. … The symptoms can involve one or more different organs and body systems, such as: Pain. Neurologic problems. Gastrointestinal complaints.

What is the difference between conversion disorder and somatic symptom disorder?

Somatic symptom and related disorders are those with distressing physical symptoms that are not fully explained by other medical, neurologic, or psychiatric disorders (also known as somatization).

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Is hypochondria a somatoform disorder?

They include somatization disorder (involving multisystem physical symptoms), undifferentiated somatoform disorder (fewer symptoms than somatization disorder), conversion disorder (voluntary motor or sensory function symptoms), pain disorder (pain with strong psychological involvement), hypochondriasis (fear of having …

What is hypochondriasis called now?

Someone who lives in fear of having a serious illness, despite medical tests never finding anything wrong, may have somatic symptom disorder, also known as illness anxiety disorder. The condition has also been known by other names, including hypochondria, or hypochondriasis.