What is a FQHC location?

What is a FQHC location?

FQHCs are safety net providers that primarily provide services typically furnished in an outpatient clinic. FQHCs include community health centers, migrant health centers, health care for the homeless health centers, public housing primary care centers, and health center program “look-alikes.”

How does Fqhc work?

A FQHC qualifies for enhanced reimbursement from The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) beyond Medicare and Medicaid benefits. As a nonprofit and tax-exempt organization, a FQHC can receive grants from the government, the private sector, and donations in addition to Medicare and Medicaid funding.

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Are Fqhc employees federal employees?

What is a federally qualified health care center (FQHC)? FQHCs are community-based health centers, funded by the federal government, that serve populations with limited access to health care, including low income individuals, the uninsured, and those with limited English skills. See 42 U.S.C.

Can an FQHC bill for DME?

A FQHC can bill for a face-to-face, medically necessary visit furnished by a dentist, podiatrist, optometrist, or chiropractor if the service furnished is on the list of qualifying visits for FQHCs and all other requirements are met.

Can an FQHC be for profit?

PETTIGREW FQHC works with many types of organizations, including Primary Care Associations, Hospital Systems, Behavioral Health Centers, Medical Practices, Academic Institutions, and Not-For-Profit Community Organizations.

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