What does positive IgG and IgM mean?

What does positive IgG and IgM mean?

Positive IgM and IgG tests for dengue antibodies detected in an initial blood sample mean that it is likely that the person became infected with dengue virus within recent weeks. If the IgG is positive but the IgM is low or negative, then it is likely that the person had an infection sometime in the past.

Is IgG current or past infection?

In short, a positive IgM may be a sign of a current, or very recent, infection. The IgG antibodies are produced once an infection has been going on for a while, and may even be present after the infection has been resolved.

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Does IgM turn into IgG?

IgM antibodies do not pass across the human placenta (only isotype IgG). … IgM in normal serum is often found to bind to specific antigens, even in the absence of prior immunization. For this reason IgM has sometimes been called a "natural antibody".

What is the function of IgM antibody?

IgM is present on B cells and its main function apparently is the control of B-cell activation. B-cells create IgM antibodies as a first line of defense. Their large size gives them excellent binding avidity, and can pick up trace amounts of infection to mark for recognition by phagocytes.

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