What does exudate mean in medical terms?

What does exudate mean in medical terms?

Exudate: A fluid rich in protein and cellular elements that oozes out of blood vessels due to inflammation and is deposited in nearby tissues. The altered permeability of blood vessels permits the passage of large molecules and solid matter through their walls.

What does Transudate mean?

A transudate is a filtrate of blood. It is due to increased pressure in the veins and capillaries that forces fluid through the vessel walls or to a low level of protein in blood serum. Transudate accumulates in tissues outside the blood vessels and causes edema (swelling).

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Is exudate a sign of infection?

The traditional criteria to diagnose an infection are the presence of heat, pyrexia, redness, pain, swelling and the presence of pus. Additional signs of infection include: Delayed healing – most produce exudate. Discolouration.

What are the different types of exudate?

Seropurulent exudate is thin, watery, cloudy, and yellow to tan in color. Purulent exudate is thick and opaque. It can be tan, yellow, green, or brown in color. It's never normal in a wound bed.