What are good fats?

What are good fats?

Fats are made up of a combination of different fatty acids, but one type generally predominates, which determines the physical characteristics. Fats that contain a high proportion of SFA, such as butter or lard, are solid at room temperature and have a relatively high melting temperature.

What are fats made of?

Fats are also known as triglycerides, molecules made from the combination of one molecule of glycerol with three fatty acids (Figure 1). Figure 1: A fat molecule. The R in the three fatty acids represents a long C-C-C chain.

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What are the bad fats?

Choose foods with “good” unsaturated fats, limit foods high in saturated fat, and avoid “bad” trans fat. “Good” unsaturated fats — Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats — lower disease risk. Foods high in good fats include vegetable oils (such as olive, canola, sunflower, soy, and corn), nuts, seeds, and fish.

What are the characteristics of fats and oils?

Fats and oils are composed of molecules known as triglycerides, which are esters composed of three fatty acid units linked to glycerol. An increase in the percentage of shorter-chain fatty acids and/or unsaturated fatty acids lowers the melting point of a fat or oil.

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What are examples of unsaturated fats?

Examples of unsaturated fatty acids are palmitoleic acid, oleic acid, myristoleic acid, linoleic acid, and arachidonic acid. Foods containing unsaturated fats include avocado, nuts, olive oils, and vegetable oils such as canola. Meat products contain both saturated and unsaturated fats.

How fats are formed?

Most of the stored fat in our bodies (body fat) and fat found in food (dietary fat) exist in a form called triglycerides. These are made up of three individual fatty acids that are connected together by another molecule, glycerol.

Where do Polyunsaturated fats come from?

Polyunsaturated fats are usually liquid at room temperature and are referred to as “oils.” They're found mostly in fatty fish, plant-based oils, seeds and nuts.

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