Is Kolkata a district or city?

Is Kolkata a district or city?

Kolkata district (formerly known as Calcutta district) is a district in the Indian state of West Bengal, headquartered in Kolkata….Kolkata district.

Kolkata district Calcutta district
Population (2011)
• Total 4,496,694
• Density 24,000/km2 (63,000/sq mi)

What was Kolkata called before?

Kolkata was always called Kolkata in Bengali — derived from the name of one of the three villages said to have become the modern city of Kolkata. But the British called it Calcutta.

How is Calcutta named?

The city’s former name, Calcutta, is an Anglicized version of the Bengali name Kalikata. According to some, Kalikata is derived from the Bengali word Kalikshetra, meaning “Ground of (the goddess) Kali.” Some say the city’s name derives from the location of its original settlement on the bank of a canal (khal).

What is Kolkata district name?

Districts in West Bengal

Code District area OSM(km²)
KO Kolkata 190
MA Maldah 3,638
MSD Murshidabad 5,429
NA Nadia 3,868

Which district is big in West Bengal?

Districts of West Bengal

# District Population
1 North Twenty Four Parganas /td>
2 South Twenty Four Parganas 8,161,961
3 Barddhaman 7,717,563
4 Murshidabad 7,103,807

Which is the new district of West Bengal?

Kalimpong is a newly added district of West Bengal.

Who is DM of Kolkata?

Government of West Bengal

Smt. Mukta Arya, IAS
District Magistrate
DM’s Confidential Section
Smt. Dhivya Loganathan, IAS Sri Soumen Pal, WBCS (Exe) Smt. Debarati Ghosh, WBCS (Exe)
Addl. District Magistrate (General) Addl. District Magistrate (Zilla Parishad) Addl. District Magistrate (Land Reforms)

Who is the DSP of West Bengal?

Dy. Superintendents of Police CID

Sl No. Dy. SP Name View
4. Smt Atreyee Sen, WBPS DS (Malda) CID, WB Detail View
5. Shri Rajesh Allay, WBPS DS (Siliguri) Special CID WB Detail View
6. Shri Suman Mukhopadhyay ,WBLS Legal Advisor,CID,WB Detail View
7. Shri Biswajit Das, WBPS DDO & DSP HQ II CID WB Detail View

Who was the DM of India?

Shri Manish Kumar Verma I.A.S.

How can I become a DM in West Bengal?

The candidates who are aspiring to become a DM, are required to appear for the Civil Services Exam (CSE) as well as fulfill the condition related to educational qualification, nationality, age, etc. The candidate whose age lies between 21 years to 32 years can appear for the CSE exam.