Is it normal to get new freckles and moles?

Is it normal to get new freckles and moles?

While freckles are more widespread on people with light-colored hair and skin, age spots develop on people with a wider range of complexions. Moles are usually present from birth, but people can develop them throughout childhood and teenage years.

How do I know if I have freckles or melanoma?

The first sign of a melanoma is usually an unusual or funny-looking mole or freckle. Look out for: Change in the colour, shape or size of a spot. A spot that is itchy, painful or tender.

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Can freckles be cancerous?

Freckles are harmless. They may sometimes be confused with more serious skin problems. Conversely, more serious problems such as skin cancer may at times be passed over as a mere freckle. Anyone who has one or more pigmented spots of which they are not certain should be seen by a dermatologist.

What is the difference between birthmarks and moles?

If you are born with a mole, it is considered a birthmark. People often call these birthmarks "beauty marks." But not all moles are birthmarks. Moles usually are small, round brown spots (no bigger than about the size of a pencil eraser), but they sometimes can be larger and can be different colors.

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