Is Grass the same as hay?

Is Grass the same as hay?

Hay is a grass or can be a form of grass. When referring to it as a form of grass, it is a cut grass that has been cut then dried for the purpose of becoming an animal feed or food. … Moreover, hay can also refer to a mixture of different species of grasses.

Why is grass better than hay?

Grass weighs more than hay because it contains water still (which makes it better for bunnies tummies). So a single strand of grass would weigh much less once it had dried into hay. So although they'd eat more in weight, the volume would be the same.

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Is grass or hay better for horses?

Benefits: Grass hay is lower in protein and energy than legume hay — but it's also higher in fiber, which can make it a good choice for many horses. … Downsides: Grass hay alone may not be enough to sustain a hard-keeping horse, a growing horse or a pregnant or lactating mare.

Can rabbits eat fresh grass instead of hay?

Provide a constant supply of good quality fresh grass and grass hay. Types that most rabbits like are Timothy, Oaten, Wheaten, Pasture, Paddock, Meadow or Ryegrass hays. Adult rabbits should not be fed Lucerne (alfalfa) or Clover hays as they are too high in protein and calcium.

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