Is Gonal F cheaper than follistim?

Is Gonal F cheaper than follistim?

Gonal-F has a long record of being a safe and effective treatment. Both forms have benefits as well: the Gonal-F pen can be adjusted in small increments, allowing for precise dosing. The Gonal-F RFF vial is slightly less expensive and can be mixed with other fertility medicines, allowing for fewer injections.

What is follistim used for in IVF?

Follistim AQ (follicle stimulating hormone) is a man-made form of a hormone that occurs naturally in the body. This hormone regulates ovulation, the growth and development of eggs in a woman's ovaries. … Follistim AQ is also used in men to stimulate sperm production.

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How long does Gonal F take to work?

about 10 days but can take any time between 5 and 20 days. Your doctor will use blood tests and/or an ultrasound machine to check when this is. technique), or 5,000 IU to 10,000 IU of hCG, 24 to 48 hours after the last GONAL-f injection. This gets your eggs ready for collection.