How do you fix the wrong album artwork on iTunes?

How do you fix the wrong album artwork on iTunes?

With your iphone connected, go into your itunes music on your computer and find just ONE album with the wrong art from your iphone. Right click on that album and go to songs, find the songs from that album, use the toggle arrow at the bottom to scroll thru all the songs on that album. Then hit apply again.

Why does iTunes change my album art?

“When the iCloud Music Library is enabled this will sync the album artwork from iTunes.” “The iCloud Music library places your music into iCloud which does update the album artwork to what appears in the iTunes store.”

Can I delete iTunes album artwork cache?

Deleting the artwork cache will affect the whole library. It won’t removed embedded artwork, which iTunes will cache again when it has reason to. Typically it will also download images for any album that doesn’t have embedded artwork already.

Can I add album artwork from my iPhone?

Create an image file of the album cover. View your music in iTunes by Album. Select the album then ->Get Info->Add Artwork and select the image file.

How do I manually add album artwork in iTunes?

How to Manually Add Album Art to iTunes

  1. Right-click on the album and select Album Info.
  2. Another screen opens up with all the associated meta-data for the album or song. Go to the Artwork tab next to the screen for Details.
  3. Click on Add Artwork. This will open the Finder window in Mac or the File dialog in Windows.
  4. Click OK and you are done.

How do I get all album artwork for iTunes?

To retrieve album artwork from the iTunes Store for your entire library, choose File > Library > Get Album Artwork.

What is the standard size of an album cover?

The size of the typical cardboard LP sleeve cover is 12.375 in (31.43 cm) square.

How do I get high resolution album artwork?

The 6 Best Sites to Download High-Quality CD Cover Album Art

  1. Album Art Exchange. Album Art Exchange is a site wholly devoted to high-quality images of album covers, making it a great resource for anyone interested in album art.
  2. Discogs. Discogs is one of the go-to resources for music data online.
  3. MusicBrainz.
  4. Amazon.
  5. Google Images.
  6. Desktop Music Tools.