Are ice and water the same thing?

Are ice and water the same thing?

No. Liquid water is not frozen, and water vapor is gaseous. … Yes they are all H2O, but their physical states or properties, are different. Even a gallon of water and a cup of water is not the “same”, they are both liquid H2O, but their volume is different.

Does water take up more space than ice?

As water freezes it expands. So, ice has more volume (it takes up more space, but has less density) than water.

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What happens as liquid water becomes ice?

Adding heat can cause ice (a solid) to melt to form water (a liquid). Removing heat causes water (a liquid) to freeze to form ice (a solid). When water changes to a solid or a gas, we say it changes to a different state of matter. Even though the water's physical form changes, its molecules stay the same.

What is the difference between water ice and steam?

Added heat (evaporating) Steam is a gas. … The difference between a liquid and the other states of matter is that liquid molicules are more spread apart than solid molicules but less spread apart than gas molicues. Water is the base for both ice and steam.

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