Are ghouls undead?

Are ghouls undead?

A ghoul is a foul undead creature that originates from Arabian folklore. … Due to their nature of feeding on human flesh and lingering in graveyards, ghouls have sometimes been misconceived as being related to vampires or zombies.

Are ghouls zombies fallout?

In the Fallout world, the term generally refers to ghouls, who very much resemble corpses, often as a derogatory term supposedly originating from pre-War zombie movies, though it's mostly feral ghouls that show the traits of such zombies from these movies, with their hostility to humans and consumption of human flesh.

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What is a ghoul?

Ghoul (Arabic: غول‎, ghūl) is a demon or monster originating in pre-Islamic Arabian religion associated with graveyards and consuming human flesh. In modern fiction, the term has often been used for a certain kind of undead monster.

How do ghouls become ghouls?

Ordinary ghouls are created when an evil spirit possesses a corpse. Rarely, ghouls are created when a human repeatedly has monster blood injected into their veins. The monster blood grants the ghoul supernatural power but at the same time destroys the psyche, leaving them a mindless killing machine.