Why restroom is called restroom?

Why restroom is called restroom?

The term restroom derived from the fact that in early 1900s through to the middle of the century up-scale restaurants, theatres and performing facilities would often have comfortable chairs or sofas located within or in a room directly adjacent to the actual toilet and sink facilities, something which can be seen in …

Whats a restroom?

US. : a room or suite of rooms in a public space providing toilets and lavatories : a public bathroom.

How do you spell use the restroom?

restroom Add to list Share. A restroom is a public bathroom or lavatory. You might stop at a fast food restaurant during a long drive to use the restroom and buy some fries.

What is the use of bathroom?

A bathroom (also known as a restroom, washroom, toilet or lavatory) is where people go for personal hygiene activities. This includes use of the toilet, wash their hands, brush their teeth, take a bath, or take a shower.

What’s the opposite of toilet?

What is the opposite of toilet?

disarray disrobe
undress untruss
denude shed
divest dismantle
bare doff

Is Lou another word for toilet?

Loo. ‘Loo’ is our very own British word for the toilet, deriving from the French “guardez l’eau”, which means “watch out for the water”.

Is John another word for toilet?

Today I found out why the toilet is sometimes called a “John”. The term is thought to derive from Sir John Harrington or, at the least, to have been popularized due to Harrington. This derived from the term “Jakes”, which was a slang term for what we now call a toilet. …

What are different ways to say bathroom?


  • bathroom.
  • head.
  • john.
  • outhouse.
  • privy.
  • restroom.
  • toilet.
  • washroom.