Which is better a Honda Civic or Accord?

Which is better a Honda Civic or Accord?

There are more opportunities to upgrade features on the Accord as well. The Accord offers a hybrid model, while the Civic does not. The Accord Hybrid gets a whopping 48 mpg in city or highway driving, so if fuel economy is your top priority, then the hybrid Accord is the clear choice in the game of Civic versus Accord.

What is the difference between a Civic and Accord?

Being a midsize, the Accord offers more of everything: more space, bigger trunk, more comfort, higher price. But the Civic is larger inside than it might appear. The Accord comes only as a sedan, where the Civic is offered as both a hatchback and a coupe as well. The Civic is also easier to park.

Is Honda Accord safer than Civic?

Winner: 2018 Honda Accord Both the Civic and Accord do well in government crash tests, but it's the Accord that emerges as the winner for anyone who puts safety above everything else. The Accord scores a five-star rating, the highest possible score, from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

What car is better than a Honda Civic?

The Mazda3 and Honda Civic are similar in many ways. Both compact cars fare well in crash tests, return great fuel economy, have attractive cabins, and come in sedan and hatchback configurations. According to U.S. News scoring and rankings, the Civic is the better car overall, but not by a wide margin.