Which beans are pole beans?

Which beans are pole beans?

Bush beans and vine beans, more commonly called pole beans, are common legumes that are simple to grow. Green beans, including purple-colored varieties and wax beans, come in both bush and pole-growth habits. Most beans that are dried for storage, such as kidney, pinto and navy beans, are pole beans.

Are Tendergreen beans pole beans?

The Tendergreen Improved bean plant is a widely adapted home garden variety. These bean plants will produce some of the highest bean yields you'll ever see. Best eaten fresh. Beans are referred to as a number of names including snap beans, string beans and green beans.

What are bush beans?

Bush beans, or snap beans, grow on a rounded, shrub-shaped plant. The pods are eaten when the seeds are small. They are also called string beans because of a fibrous string running the length of the pod, but most varieties grown now do not have that fibrous string.

Should I stake bush beans?

Bush beans tend to grow more compactly (about two-feet tall) and do not require support. Pole beans will vine (a good ten feet) and need to be grown up stakes or trellises.