Whats worse for you beer or vodka?

Whats worse for you beer or vodka?

The vodka will give you a worse hangover on account it'll dehydrate you more than beer which is mostly water. In moderation there's fewer calories and carbohydrates vodka won't make you get fat like beer will.

How many beers equal a vodka shot?

1 shot of Absolut Vodka is equal to 8 oz of beer based on the following assumptions.If you assume that a shot is 1 ounce of vodka then it contains .4 ounces of alcohol. A beer, on the average, is 5% alcohol so then a 12 oz beer contains .6 ounces of alcohol. About 8 shots of liquor, which equals one beer.

Can I mix vodka with beer?

Mixing vodka (alcohol mixed with water) to beer (alcohol mixed with water plus some flavouring and other compounds) is perfectly safe. No need to be a daredevil to do it. … The "black velvet", stout and sparkling wine (Black Velvet – beer cocktail) I have tried and can confirm that it is not too bad as beer cocktails go.

What is difference between beer and alcohol?

Beer is made from barley and hops and it undergoes a thorough fermentation and carbonation process to taste the way it does. … Beer and whiskey are made from fermented grains. Whiskey id distilled to concentrate the alcohol; beer is not. Wine is fermented from fruit, mostly grapes.