What is the name of NiCl4?

What is the name of NiCl4?


What is hybridization of NiCl4?

CN− is a strong field ligand. It causes the pairing of the 3d electrons. Hybridization involved is dsp2 as participating orbitas are 3d, 4s and 4p.

Which of the following complex is diamagnetic?

Since CN− is strong field ligand, it will pair up the electrons in d orbital and hence [Fe(CN)6]4− become diamagnetic.

Why is nicl4 tetrahedral and NI CN 4 square planar?

There are 4 CN− ions. Thus, it can either have a tetrahedral geometry or square planar geometry. Since CN− ion is a strong field ligand, it causes the pairing of unpaired 3d electrons. CN– will cause pairing of electrons.

What is the geometry of NiCl4 2 negative?

The molecule [PdCl4]2− is diamagnetic, which indicates a square planar geometry as all eight d electrons are paired in the lower-energy orbitals. However, [NiCl4]2− is also d8 but has two unpaired electrons, indicating a tetrahedral geometry.

How is nico4 tetrahedral?

All of these 10 electrons are pushed into 3d orbitals and get paired up when strong field CO ligands approach Ni atom. The empty 4s and three 4p orbitals undergo sp3 hybridization and form bonds with CO ligands to give Ni(CO)4. thus according to VBT sp3 hybridization have tetrahedral geometry.

Which is not an Ambidentate ligand?

Ligands which can ligate through either of two different atoms present in it are called ambidentate ligands. Examples of such ligands are the CN- , NO2- and SCN- ions. NH3 is not an ambidentate ligand.

Which of the following is the strongest ligand?

Complete answer: On other hand ligands in which donor atoms are carbon, phosphorus and sulphur are known to be strong field ligands. According to this series CO is the strongest ligand among the following because carbon is donor in this, it has double bond (C=O) and is positively charged.

What is CFT chemistry?

The Crystal Field Theory (CFT) is a model for the bonding interaction between transition metals and ligands. It describes the effect of the attraction between the positive charge of the metal cation and negative charge on the non-bonding electrons of the ligand.

Which orbital is very important in CFT?

Which orbital is very important in CFT? When the ligands move along the x, y and z axes of d orbital in metal ion (octahedral geometry), they approach directly toward or between the lobes.

What are the postulates of CFT?

The basic idea of the theory is that the formation of a complex is a reaction between a Lewis base (ligand; electron donor) and a Lewis acid (metal or metal ion; electron acceptor) with the formation of a coordinate-covalent bond (dative bond) between the ligand and the metal.

Which is correct statement of CFT?

CFT is an electrostatic model which considers the metal-ligand bond to be ionic arising purely form electrostatic interations between the metal ion and the ligand. The five d orbitals in an isolated (gaseous state) metal atom/ion have same energy, i.e., they are degenerate.