What is the best way to catch flathead catfish?

What is the best way to catch flathead catfish?

Use live fish for bait, nothing else. Flatheads rarely are caught using chicken liver, stinkbaits, and other dead, malodorous allurements that tempt blue and channel catfish. Big flatheads scavenge very little, preferring instead live food, especially live fish.

What is the best time of year to catch flathead catfish?

The Best Time To Catch Flathead Catfish If I could pick just one time of the year for flatheads it would be September and October. The fish are feeding heavily getting ready for winter and fishing during this time has always produced the most flatheads and the biggest ones as well.

Will flathead catfish eat cut bait?

Cut bait is rarely used for flathead catfish as flatheads most often prefer live bait (there are some exceptions though). Many anglers will use fish they’ve purchased in stores, but most anglers prefer fresh-caught fish as cut bait for catfish.

What’s the best time to catch flathead?

The best time to get yourself a nice Flathead is during the day, two – three days lead up to the full moon and the following two- three days after. The preferred tide time would be high tide 7-9Am and fish the run out from the top of the tide down. The fish will be most active two hours after the top of the tide.

How do you catch flathead at night?

The secret to catching flathead is covering ground and while slow rolling a ganged pilchard or white bait across the bottom is an option for bait fishos, it’s nowhere near as effective as casting the right lure. With a lure you can fish a much larger area in a shorter amount of time.

What is the best hook for Flathead?

Depending on the size of your bait, 3/0 to 5/0 will do the trick. The best tip is to go super-sharp, quality hooks. Suicide, light gauge live bait, and circle hooks are brilliant here. Just remember, the worst thing you can do is use a hook too small or too large for the bait.

What is the biggest flathead ever caught?

The largest fish measured ‘just’ 96cm. A second study published in 2008 caught and examined a staggering 7,783 dusky flathead from NSW estuaries including St George’s Basin and Tuross. The largest fish this time was 98.5cm.

How do you catch a big flathead?

I’ve caught some thumpers while tossing soft plastics and hard-bodies at mulloway and I’ve been blown away several times while chasing bream with ultra light tackle and plastics or blades. The trick to catching big flathead is to target them with the right tackle and lures and avoid them being a by-catch.

What is the best soft plastic for Flathead?

For this slow rolling retrieve, without imparting much action yourself, a paddle tail or curl tail plastic is the go, such as a ZMan 2.5″ GrubZ, 4″ StreakZ Curly TailZ, 3″ MinnowZ, 3″ Scented PogyZ or 4″ DieZel MinnowZ, as they have plenty of action built into the lure.

What is the best lure for Whiting?


What lures to use for trolling?

The 9 Best Trolling Lures for 2021

  • Eat My Tackle Bullet Head Fishing Lure.
  • MagBay High-Speed Wahoo Lures.
  • Nomad Design DTX Minnow.
  • Rapala X-Rap Magnum Fishing Lures.
  • Luhr-Jensen Ford Fender Lake Trolls.
  • Hot Spot Apex Salmon Killer.
  • Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk.
  • Bay State Tackle Striped Bass Trolling Tube.

Can you troll soft plastics?

Another technique with huge growth potential is trolling with soft plastics. A mate of mine in the Northern Territory has really got this technique down pat and he is putting heaps of billabong barra in the boat most trips.

What is the best time to catch whiting?


How do you rig a fishing line for Whiting?

Sand whiting rigs vary but a simple rig that works consists of a size 4-8 long shank hook, 0.5-1m monofilament leader, and a running ball sinker above a swivel. Bait up with a live nipper or beach worm and you’re in business. Information courtesy of Audrew Balullovich, Merimbula NSW and DAFF QLD.

Is Whiting a good bait?

Many surf anglers will catch them and use them as bait. Fish them on your favorite bottom rig and you’ll catch some whiting. It’s one of the better baits to use. Live shrimp is very hard to beat.

Are sea mullet and whiting the same?

Members of the Drum family, whiting are known by many names: kingfish, sea mullet, virginia mullet. They prefer in-shore waters with muddy bottoms where they consume a diet of shrimp, crabs, and small fish.

Is there another name for whiting fish?

Species Menticirrhus americanus (also known as the Carolina whiting, king whiting, sea mullet, southern kingcroaker, and southern kingfish) found along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States.

Is sea mullet good to eat?

Sea mullet are good for eating,have never seen these sold for bait, although they can be used for that.

Is smoked mullet healthy?

Mullet is a slightly oily fish, yet the flesh is delicate. This makes your smoker the perfect vehicle for preparing the fillets. The natural oils keep the flesh from drying out. It also provides a good amount of Omega-3 fatty acids – the heart healthy fat.

Do you scale mullet before smoking?

To clean mullet for smoking, first cut off the head. Do not scale or skin fish. Do not cut open the gut, but rather cut along one side of the top fin from head to tail, cutting entirely through the ribs on this side. After about an hour of smoking, juices will start to ooze out between layers of meat.