What is the best all around hunting rifle caliber?

What is the best all around hunting rifle caliber?

You can fit in more of it, and that should give you more power. In fact yes, it does. There are limits to how much extra power you can get out of the cartridge. Both .308 and .30-06 having the same maximum case pressure of 62,000 psi, but overall it's possible to get close to 150 fps more out of the older round.

Is a 308 more powerful than a 270?

While recoil is more or less comparable between the two cartridges, typical .308 Winchester loads do not have as flat of a trajectory as typical .270 loads. However, the .308 performs better with heavier bullets than the .270 and is available in a wider range of bullet weights and models.

Why is 308 so popular?

For starters .308 is popular because it is one of the most common rounds around due to it being a NATO round. Secondly it is much cheaper to shoot then a lot of other rounds. Also with it being used as a military round it carries alot of prestiege. … The military uses it so it is popular.

What is the maximum effective range of a 308?

It is accepted that if you do your job and put the bullet where it counts, you can count on the .308 to do its job and incapacitate the target. The US Army preaches an 800 meter maximum effective range for the .308, the USMC preaches a 1000 yard (915 meter) max effective range.

Can a 308 kill a bear?

If your plan is to shoot a charging grizzly at 20 paces you do not merely need the perfect North American big game cartridge, you need a specialized, dangerous game cartridge and rifle setup. If you hope to hunt and then shoot a big bear at a reasonable distance, the .308 will kill him just like it will kill an elk.

What has more recoil 308 or 30 06?

The 30-06 generally generates a little more velocity with the same weight bullet and has more recoil. Even if you hand-load the 30-06 down to 308 levels, there is still slightly more recoil because you have a longer column of powder.

Will a 308 kill a moose?

For most hunters in the Lower 48 traveling to hunt moose, their go-to deer rifle is a fine choice. Yes, moose are enormous, powerful animals—but they also have large and powerful circulatory and respiratory systems. A well-placed bullet through these vitals will kill a moose quickly.

What is the most powerful rifle caliber?

Realistically, hunters armed with a .30-30 have a maximum effective range of around 150-200 yards.

What does 30 30 mean on a rifle?

The “.30” part means that it's a .30 caliber bullet. That is, the bullet is .30 inches in diameter. The “-06” in the designation stands for the year 1906, which was the year that the United States Army started using it.

Which is bigger 300 Win Mag or 308?

Weight: The 308 is in a short action AND it works fine with a shorter barrel.Rifles chambered for magnum rounds usually have 2″ longer barrels, and yet more weight. Magazine Capacity: Almost always higher in a 308 compared with a 300 win mag rifle.

Will a 308 kill an elk?

The .308 Winchester certainly has enough energy to kill deer, pronghorn, elk, moose and bear out to 300 yards, but the bullet drops fast and it's trajectory looks like a bell shaped curve by 500 yards. … That would be a pretty doable shot out to 300 yards for the .308 Winchester.

Is a 270 better than a 30 06?

The .30-06 Springfield is certainly no slouch in terms of velocity or trajectory, but the .270 Winchester has a clear advantage in both of those areas. … This is because, when compared to the .30-06 Springfield, the smaller diameter .270 Winchester shoots lighter weight bullets.

What is the effective range of 30 06?

With its original 150-grain spire point bullet at 2,700 fps, the Springfield .30/06 was certified for an extreme reach of 4.75 miles, an effective firing range of 1,000 yards. A flip up rear leaf sight was graduated for ranges out to 2,850 yards. Point-blank range for a standing, man-sized target was 500 yards.

Is a 308 a good deer rifle?

There is no “perfect” or “best” cartridge for deer hunting. The .308 Winchester, '06, .270- Winchester, .257 Roberts, .30-30 Winchester, and many others have become part of the hunting fabric. The rifle you carry—the one with which you can punch holes in a target and put meat on the table—is the best rifle for you.

What does 30.06 mean?

The ".30" refers to the caliber of the bullet in inches. The "06" refers to the year the cartridge was adopted, 1906. It replaced the .30-03, 6mm Lee Navy, and .30-40 Krag cartridges.

Is 308 a good round?

A .308 round is a significantly bigger round. Bullets are measured in grain weights. An average .223 round weighs around 55 grains, but a .308 is about 160 grains, almost three times as heavy. That results in harder hits down range that are less susceptible to barrel length and twist issues.

Can a AK 47 shoot a 308 round?

Ergo, the cartridges cannot be loaded because they simply will not fit into the rifle, period. Now, the AK-47 round can technically be chambered and fired in a .308 or 7.62×51 rifle, but it's not a good idea.

What bigger 303 or 308?

The .308 uses a bullet of .308″ diameter, the .303 uses a bullet of .311″ diameter. The .308 was originally based around a 147 grain bullet, the .303 a 180 grain bullet. Muzzle velocity of a rifle chambered in .308 shooting the 147 grain standard load is ~ 2700 feet per second, the .303 ~2300 fps.

How far can a 270 shoot?

The cartridge demonstrated high performance at the time of its introduction and was marketed as being suitable for big game shooting in the 270 to 460 metres (300 to 500 yd) range, when that was considered long range hunting. With modern bullets and optics, it is easily a 1000 yard cartridge.

What can you hunt with 308?

In North America, the .308 is routinely used for whitetail and mule deer, black bear, caribou, pronghorn, wild hogs, and elk.

What Animals Can you shoot with a 30 06?

Regardless of the exact .30-06 hunting rifle you choose, it is capable of ethically taking a wide variety of game animals like mule and whitetail deer, pronghorn, black bear, feral hogs, elk, mountain goat, sheep, moose, sheep, zebra, kudu, zebra, eland, red stag and dozens of other species.