What is a Sonos Bridge?

What is a Sonos Bridge?

Just place a BRIDGE between two Sonos players to extend your wireless signal to reach the far corners of your home. EXTRA INTERNET CONNECTIVITY. The BRIDGE has a two-port Ethernet switch to bring standard Internet connectivity to your set-top box, DVR, PC, Game Console, or NAS drive. HiFi SOUND AND ROCK-SOLID WIRELESS.

Does Sonos boost replace bridge?

Replace your Bridge with a Boost Open the Sonos app for iOS or Android and tap the More tab at the bottom. Tap Settings > Add a Boost or Bridge. The app will detect that your Bridge is still wired to your router. Tap Connect to router.

What does a Sonos Connect do?

This lets you input any of your old sources and share them with any of the Sonos smart speaker family wirelessly. The Sonos CONNECT is essentially the brains to implement Sonos into your existing HiFi system.

Does Sonos work better wired?

In a wired setup, you will need to keep one Sonos product connected to your router with an Ethernet cable. It is perfectly fine to wire any Sonos product to the router, however the Sonos Boost was designed to provide the strongest wireless stability when acting as the wired product.