What does the upside down t mean in linear algebra?

What does the upside down t mean in linear algebra?

The upside down capital T means , both in elementary geometry and in linear algebra (or functional analysis). A to the power T upside dowm is the subset B of M made up of all y in M, such that whatever x from the subset A of M, = 0, where (M,<,>) is a scalar product space.

What does false logic mean?


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What’s the difference between a red herring and straw man fallacy?

A red herring is a fallacy that distracts from the issue at hand by making an irrelevant argument. A straw man is a red herring because it distracts from the main issue by painting the opponent’s argument in an inaccurate light.

What is RHP document?

IPO Draft Prospectus (DRHP) is prepared by the lead manager and submitted to SEBI for approval of IPO. This PDF document has information like the detail about the company, promoters, IPO detail and risks. RHP is also known as IPO Final Prospectus.

What are the advantages of private placement?

Advantages of using private placements allow you to choose your own investors – this increases the chances of having investors with similar objectives to you and means they may be able to provide business advice and assistance, as well as funding.

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Who can buy private placements?

Investors invited to participate in private placement programs include wealthy individual investors, banks and other financial institutions, mutual funds, insurance companies, and pension funds.

Is private placement the same as private equity?

Whereas private placement involves selling shares to an exclusive, closed group of investors, private equity is an alternative investment form which does not rely on capital listed in public exchanges.

Is valuation required for private placement?

It is mandatory to obtain report of Registered Valuer for allotment of shares as Private Placement. Income Tax Act: As per Income Tax Act until unless shares are issued on premium there is no need of valuation certificate.

Who is not eligible for shares under private placement?

The 200 people limit excludes Qualified Institutional Buyers and Employees and the limit of 200 people is calculated individually for each kind of security. Obviously, there cannot be a public announcement of such offers. The value of the Offer per person shall not be less than INR 20,000 of ‘face value’ of securities.

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Can a company issue shares at face value?

Yes you can issue shares at face value and there won’t be any issue.

Can a CA do share valuation?

23/2018 dated 24th May, 2018 it is provided that now only merchant banker can do valuation of unquoted equity shares under Discounted Free Cash Flow method and Chartered Accountants are no more allowed to do the same.

What is Rule 11UA?

Rule 11UA(1) prescribes the manner to find out the fair market value of the following property. a) Valuation of Jewellery. b) Valuation of archaeological collections, drawings, paintings, sculptures or any work of art. c) Valuation of shares and securities. a) Fair market value of quoted shares and securities.