What does SRAM GXP mean?

What does SRAM GXP mean?

“GXP” stands for “Giga X Pipe,” while “BB30” is short for “Bottom Bracket.” The “30” indicates the 30-millimeter diameter of the bottom bracket and spindle. GXP technology is compatible with a wide variety of bike parts like the S 300, 500, and 988 GXP crankset, SRAM BB and crankset (Rival and Force model).

What is a bb30 bottom bracket?

BB30 frame shell inner diameter is 42mm, has two bearing retaining clips and two 6806 bearings pressed directly in the frame. PressFit-30 (PF30) bottom brackets are a separate component pressed directly into the frame. 30mm 6806 bearings are pressed into cups and the cups then pressed into the frame.

How do I remove the SRAM GXP bottom bracket?

BB30 and PF30 are both pressed into an unthreaded BB shell. The shells are different and not interchangeable. As of right now I don't think there are any PF30 frames, so you don't really need to worry about PF30. PF30 is something SRAM is pushing.

What is dub bottom bracket?

Called DUB (Durable Unified Bottom bracket), the most significant update is the change to a 28.99mm spindle for all mountain bike cranks. … With DUB, they now offer one spindle diameter and four bottom brackets that will fit all of the existing frame standards.

How many spacers does a 73mm bottom bracket have?

If you need to use a bottom bracket mounted chain guide or derailleur, then you'll also need to remove the innermost 2.5mm spacer on the drive side – so a 68mm or 83mm shell will have one drive side spacer and one non-drive side spacer, while a 73mm shell will need no spacers at all.

How do I uninstall bb86?

External bottom brackets allow you to have both large bearings and a large, hollow bottom bracket spindle.