What car is better than a Camry?

What car is better than a Camry?

That said, the Camry is the more logical choice. It shares many of the Accord's class-leading qualities and also provides better power, better fuel economy, and a nicer interior. Both of these midsize cars are good choices, but the Toyota is the better of the two.

Is Corolla better than Camry?

The main difference of these two vehicles is their sizes. The Corolla is a midsize sedan, while the Camry is a full-sized sedan. … That being said, as a smaller vehicle, the Corolla will get better gas mileage than the Camry. Depending on your needs and preferences, one of these vehicles could suit you better.

Is Civic or Accord better?

If you're more frequently driving solo, but sometimes need additional room, then the Civic is a fine choice and easier on the budget. Surprisingly, the Civic sedan has an inch more headroom than the Accord but 3 inches less legroom. Passenger volume for the Accord is 5 cubic feet more than the Civic sedan.

Is Honda better than Toyota?

Toyota is in the market for past many years. Honda has more life it requires more maintenance. We can say that Toyota is a better option after comparing it to Honda. The comparison of both these vehicles shows that the performance of Honda vehicles is better.