What are the ties that bind us together?

What are the ties that bind us together?

It’s been said that if the ties that bind us together are stronger than the ones that tear us apart, all will be well. We will have stronger relationships with each other, and more specifically- family and close friends.

What does Blest be the tie that binds mean?

Out of this experience, he wrote the most famous of his 160 hymns, “Blest Be the Tie that Binds.” It became a favorite hymn for Christians facing separation, an affirmation that friendship and community are the true measures of wealth.

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How does Ties That Bind work?

Ties That Bind does shared damage between all enemies that are linked. Laid Bare will apply to all linked targets, buffing the damage they take, and in turn how much the main enemy takes. The linked damage is going to be dealt via the element that your action skill will deal.

Does ties that bind count as Phasegrasp?

They work with Ties That Bind (as well as Eternal Fist and Fist Over Matter). These alternate versions of her actions skills are basically just augments like the other characters get.

Does do harm work with Phasegrasp?

You can If you want to use one of Amara’s Skill variants have it do damage. The issue is Augments in other trees will force you in to using one of 3 different amazing versions of Phasegrasp if you want to mix and match

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What is grasp immune damage?

Some enemies are immune to being Grasped and will instantly take damage instead.

Does Samsara work with Phasegrasp?

Inconsistent. Phasegrasp used with Revelation doesn’t appear to proc Samsara, unless its range is incredibly short and only hits on other targets count

Does Ties That Bind Proc Samsara?

Ties that bind is definitely top tier for most Amara builds, however it does no damage itself, which doesn’t proc Samsara. The only ability that reliably procs Samsara is Fist over Matter, so that’s what we are left with. The damage is a bit underwhelming, but we are just using it to keep our Samsara up.

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Does Soul SAP work with ties that bind?

Are you saying the damage you do shooting linked mobs with ties that bind triggers soul sap? Yes, it does, kinda. It won’t trigger off of gun damage you deal to a grasped target but the damage that gets transferred through TTB’s links as those count as action skill damage.

Who wrote Blessed be the tie that binds?

author John Fawcett