What airport do you fly into for Boca Raton?

What airport do you fly into for Boca Raton?

Fort Lauderdale International Airport

How far is Fort Lauderdale airport to Boca Raton?

21 miles

Is it cheaper to fly into Miami or Fort Lauderdale?

It may be cheaper to fly into Fort Lauderdale (FLL), but it should be noted that it can cost quite a bit more and take much longer to travel between the airport and Miami Beach. There is a free shuttle from the terminals to the Tri-Rail station and a one-way ticket to Miami costs $3.75 per person.

How far is West Palm Beach Airport from Boca Raton?

24 miles

How far is Boca Raton from beach?

Boca Raton, located 40 miles north of Miami on Florida’s east coast, is known for its stylish homes, upscale shopping and lavish lifestyle. But the city’s most priceless treasure lies in its beaches. Much of Boca’s beaches remain au natural. No condos.

Is it expensive to live in Boca Raton FL?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 1,104$ without rent. Boca Raton is 15.82% less expensive than New York (without rent). Rent in Boca Raton is, on average, 26.10% lower than in New York.

Where should I live in Boca Raton?

Best neighborhoods in Boca Raton for families

  • Clint Moore Rd/Jorg Rd one of the best neighborhoods in Boca Raton for families.
  • N Ocean Blvd/Lake Wyman Rd.
  • Highland Beach Town Center.
  • Bel Marra/Boca Harbour one of the best neighborhoods in Boca Raton for families.

Is Boca Raton a good area?

Despite the few cons, Boca Raton is an overall great place to live in. The city’s residents enjoy great weather all year round. With many top rated schools, beaches close by, and multiple open public spaces, this is an excellent place as well for families.

What is the most expensive neighborhood in Florida?

Palm Beach

What is the cheapest town in Florida to live in?

Here’re the 10 most affordable places you should consider before moving to Florida.

  • Kissimmee, FL.
  • Orlando, FL.
  • Cape Coral, FL.
  • Gainesville, FL.
  • Palm Coast, FL.
  • Palm Bay, FL.
  • Homosassa Springs, FL.
  • Dade City, FL.