Is the Audi a4 a sports car?

Is the Audi a4 a sports car?

Audi has always been known to produce beautiful cars. With such a stylish exterior and interior appearance, the A4 is no less than other Audi models. Besides, the A4 makes for an ideal sports sedan even though it comes with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. … Price of the Audi A4 is $32,500.

Is the Audi a4 a good family car?

The A4 was, for a long time, my favorite vehicle in its class of entry-level luxury sedans. … For the driver looking for a traditional compact sedan with a discrete trunk, classic good looks, plus some of the best cabin and safety technology on the road, the 2018 Audi A4 is still one of the finest choices in its class.

What kind of car is an a4?

The Audi A4 automobile layout consists of a front-engine design, with transaxle-type transmissions mounted at the rear of the engine. The cars are front-wheel drive, or on some models, "quattro" all-wheel drive. The A4 is available as a sedan and station wagon.

What size car is an Audi a4?

The Audi A4 offers a smooth and sophisticated appearance with its midsize sedan body. The vehicle has a 110-inch wheelbase and stretches to 186.1 inches in length. This luxury sedan is 56.2 inches high and has an overall width of 79.6 inches, including the mirrors.

Is the Audi a4 and VW Passat the same car?

While the 80 became the Audi A4, the Passat continued with its name unchanged. After years of building rear-engine vehicles, Volkswagen entered the mainstream front-wheel-drive market in 1972 with the Giugiaro-styled Passat. … Volkswagen Passat cabin is more practical and has better seats than the Audi A4.

Is Audi a5 a good car?

The 2019 Audi A5 is an excellent car. Performance-wise, it boasts a peppy base engine, a refined transmission, engaging handling and a comfortable ride. Audi's commitment to interior elegance and modern, intuitive technology also shines through in the A5.

Is Audi a4 a compact car?

The Audi A4 is a premium compact sedan available with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. As with other cars in its class, the A4 has grown in size while adding more standard and available luxury features and technologies.