Is Porter Cable made by DeWalt?

Is Porter Cable made by DeWalt?

DeWalt increased their line of tools using ELU’s technology. DeWalt is now a popular brand of tools for commercial contractors. In 2004, Black and Decker bought rival power tool manufacturer Porter-Cable and combined it with DeWalt in Jackson, Tennessee.

Who makes Porter Cable drills?

Stanley Black & Decker

Which is better Bostitch or Porter Cable?

Pros and Cons Bostitch, in particular, is known for its professional-grade power tools that don’t sacrifice anything in terms of quality. The main pros of Porter-Cable, on the other hand, are a more extensive product line and slightly more user-friendly tools.

Does Home Depot sell Porter Cable Tools?

Porter-Cable 20v MAX – Power Tools – Tools – The Home Depot.

Are Porter Cable Batteries interchangeable with DeWalt?

While the porter cable is one of the best option which you can make use of them for multiple uses. But you would think are porter cable and dewalt batteries are interchangeable? These both contains the 20Volts are interchangeable. They both make use of the lithium ion cells that helps for the powering of the tool.

Does Lowes still sell Porter Cable?

PORTER-CABLE Power Tool Combo Kits at

What store sells Porter Cable Tools?

The Home Depot

How long do Porter Cable batteries last?

30 minutes

What store carries Porter Cable?

Does Walmart sell Porter Cable Tools?

Porter Cable Cordless Tools –

How much is a Porter Cable drill?

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Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion

How much is a Porter Cable?

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 8-Tool (PCCK619L8)

List Price: $499.99 Details
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Does Porter Cable make a cordless blower?

Cords and hoses are the bane of my existence so the word “Cordless” — is music to my ears. The Porter-Cable PCC795B will run for up to 28 minutes using a 4AH/20V MAX* battery.

Did Craftsman buy Porter Cable?

Porter Cable launched their 20V Max cordless power tool lineup with a decent drill and a decent impact driver. As you might know, Dewalt and Porter Cable are both owned by Stanley Black & Decker, and now so is the Craftsman brand.

Are Porter Cable and Craftsman batteries interchangeable?

Answer: It is not the same, but they are interchangeable. The PC18BL is a lithium-ion battery and the PC18B is a NiCad battery. Porter Cable made a fairly large series of tools that will work with all of their batteries of this same physical design.

Is Porter cable the same as craftsman?

Since Porter-Cable and Craftsman are both owned by Stanley Black & Decker, it sort of made sense to switch since it’s really the same company.

Which is better Dewalt or craftsman?

Craftsman has an industrial line and a consumer line. So, while there are exceptions, the Dewalt power tool will be made with a better class of components than the Craftsman tool and will have a longer life if used in the same way, and a three-year warranty period as opposed to 1 year for Craftsman cordless tools.