Is copper or aluminum wire better?

Is copper or aluminum wire better?

Copper is more popular than aluminum wire, and both have their advantages. Copper has a higher conductivity and is able to better withstand load surges than aluminum. The benefits of it as a conductor are that it doesn't creep or loosen at its connection sites, and it offers more stability than aluminum.

Why is aluminum used instead of copper?

Aluminum over other metals as an overhead cable. Aluminum overhead conductors are cheaper than copper and twice as lighter in weight when compared with the same dimensions. The replacement of aluminum cables is three times cheaper than copper cables. … These conductors are easy to install and have a low maintenance cost.

Can you put aluminum and copper together?

Galvanic Compatibility of Aluminum and Copper. … A. Aluminum will be very susceptible to galvanic corrosion in contact with copper, assuming that the two metals are also in contact with a common electrolyte (such as water with some ionic content.) Almost any text or handbook on corrosion will have galvanic series table.