Is aquaphor OK for babies?

Is aquaphor OK for babies?

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment is touted as safe for external use anywhere on a baby's body. … Avoid using Aquaphor baby healing ointment on your child's genital area. Although there are no cautions given by the manufacturer against this use, the occlusive nature of the ingredients has the potential to cause irritation.

Are Vaseline and Aquaphor the same?

Aquaphor contains petrolatum just like Vaseline, but its components also include mineral oil, glycerin, panthenol, and lanolin. … Additionally, the other ingredients in Aquaphor make it thicker and less oily than Vaseline. Vaseline is a popular brand that is also known as petroleum jelly.

Can you use regular aquaphor for diaper rash?

Aquaphor is a multi-purpose ointment that can be used for diaper rash, chapped cheeks, cuts, scrapes, burns, eczema, and more skin irritations. It's also useful for preventing diaper rash before it starts by protecting the skin. In fact, it's clinically proven to relieve diaper rash within six hours of application.

Is aquaphor safe for new tattoos?

Once the tattoo is dry apply AQUAPHOR healing ointment, made by Eucerin. … Use the Aquaphor for the first 2-3 days then switch to a regular FRAGRANCE FREE lotion such as Lubriderm, or any other fragrance free brand.