Is aquamarine and topaz the same thing?

Is aquamarine and topaz the same thing?

The word Topaz came from the name Topazos which is the ancient island in the Red Sea while Aquamarine came from the Latin word that means water of the sea. Aquamarine is actually an expensive gem as it far rarer. The color of Aquamarine is actually washable. It can fade if it is exposed to the sun.

What is more valuable topaz or aquamarine?

The deeper and more vibrant the color of an Aquamarine the more valuable it is. Aquamarine is typically the birthstone for March babies. Aquamarine is considered much more valuable than Blue Topaz for many reasons. … The Aquamarine comes in at 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, while Blue Topaz is an 8.

How can you tell the difference between aquamarine and blue topaz?

Blue topaz, and all beryl gemstones, is a conductor whereas aquamarine is not. If the stone conducts heat, you know for sure it is a blue topaz.

How do I know if my aquamarine is real?

The best way to identify a real aquamarine stone is by looking at its colour. In its natural form, they have a pale blue colour, which is similar to seawater. They may have a slight green or yellow tint as well.