Is Acuvue 2 discontinued?

Is Acuvue 2 discontinued?

All Acuvue Bifocal and Acuvue 2 Colours will be discontinued as of Dec. 31. … As of July 1, all 9.1 base curves and 8.4 and 8.8 base curves of parameters -6.50 D to -11.0 D in the Acuvue Brand Contact Lenses will be discontinued, according to a company press release.

How long can you wear Acuvue 2 contact lenses?

2 weeksTAKE HOME POINTS: Acuvue 2's can be healthy lenses when worn properly. This means NO sleeping in the contact lenses, and throwing them away every 2 weeks.

What Acuvue 2?

Acuvue 2 is a UV blocking lens for those who like to get out and be active. The visibility tint makes them easy to find in saline solution, and once they're in you'll notice they are so comfortable you'll forget all about them.

Can you sleep in Acuvue 2 contact lenses?

ACUVUE® 2 Brand Contact Lenses are designed to be worn as a two-week daily wear lens if you take the lenses out each night OR as a one-week continuous wear lens if you want to sleep in them for up to 6 nights. … Wear your lenses comfortably, all day.