How do you pronounce primarch?

How do you pronounce primarch?

If we follow the ‘proper’ pronunciation (and the same is true for patriarch as well – [pey-tree-ahrk]), Primarch should be pronounced [pri-mahrk].

How do you pronounce custodes?

Given this, Custodes is pronounced CUS-TOE-DEES.

What does Guilliman think of the Imperium?

In case you were wondering what Guilliman thought of the state of the Imperium in the 41st Millennium. He’s not happy. It isn’t really the fault of the High Lords. No-one would be able to do well in their situation, the best humanity can reasonably hope for is painful survival.

Is Guilliman dead?

Each limb carried a poisoned sword, and in the clash he stabbed Guilliman in the neck; Guilliman was interred in the Stasis field by the Apothecaries, and remains frozen in the instant of death, while Fulgrim escaped back to the Eye of Terror.

Which Primarchs are dead?

For sure, we only know of 4 dead Primarchs.

  • Ferrus Manus: Slain by Fulgrim at the Drop Site Massacre on Istvann V.
  • Sanguinius: Slain by Horus at the Battle of Terra.
  • Horus: Slain by the Emperor at the Battle of Terra.
  • Alpharius: Slain by Rogal Dorn at the Battle of Pluto.

Is Vulkan still alive?

In the series The Beast Arises, Vulkan is confirmed alive 1,500 years after the Horus Heresy, in addition he is still a perpetual able to return from the dead multiple times. He is found fighting Orks single-handedly defending the Imperial world of Caldera.

Who can defeat Vulcan?

Although a sonic scream sounds like a bit of a one-note superpower, Banshee was one of the most formidable mutants in the Marvel universe. From propelling flight to melting objects with extremes vibrations, Banshee’s sonic scream was so powerful the X-Men assumed it could be the key to taking down Vulcan.

Who did Vulcan marry?


Why is Vulkan a perpetual?

Vulkan the Primarch of the Salamanders possess an ability possibly unique among the Primarchs, he is a Perpetual. Meaning he can die over and over again and constantly resurrects and can only be permanently killed through extremely esoteric means. There are two types of known perpetuals in the Warhammer Galaxy.

How strong is Mortarion?

Like all Primarchs, Mortarion is a high-impact character that defines any game he’s in with powerful abilities, but he’s far from a guaranteed win. At 470 points, Mortarion is a considerable investment in any army list, and to get the most of him requires careful and considered play.

How many Primarchs did fulgrim kill?

two primarchs

Is Abaddon stronger than Primarchs?

Abaddon is probably one of the stronger space marine characters (and various books strongly hint at him having more than a little of the genetic legacy of Horus) but everything points to the Primarchs being far stronger still.

Does Mortarion hate nurgle?

Mortarion hated himself as a psyker and was forced into a corner to turn his entire Legion because of his helplessness. He doesn’t need to “embrace” Nurgle. He’s already one of his favourites. Nurgle loves to spite him so he can push him into more self-loathing and helplessness.

Why does Mortarion hate Psykers?

I never did find out. This, basically. They used psykery and sorcery (that may be redundant) to keep the human population of Barbarus enslaved.

Who defeated Horus?

Rogal Dorn