Does Firestone give AARP discount?

Does Firestone give AARP discount?

No, Firestone Complete Auto Care does not offer AARP discounts. You can use Firestone Complete Auto Care coupons to unlock discounts at their website.

Does Firestone give veterans discount?

The Firestone military discount, which is only available in stores, entitles active duty and retired military a 10% off discount on your next order.

Does Discount Tire sell Firestone?

Firestone Tire Destination A/T Tires | Car Truck All-Terrain Tires | Discount Tire.

How good are Firestone Destination LE2 tires?

The Destination LE2 is a nice upgrade from the original LE. The biggest differences seem to be an improvement in handling and lower road noise. Traction on dry or wet pavement, as well as in snow, is excellent. We’d like to see better traction on ice and hard-packed snow, but this is not a winter tire.

What brand tires does Discount Tire sell?

That’s why we offer a number of value priced tires that include exclusive quality brand tires like Arizonian, Barum, Pathfinder, and Road Hugger in addition to major brands like Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli and Yokohama. There are many things we do to pass the savings on to you.

What does the T and H stand for on tires?

The most common ratings are S and T (sedans, minivans, light trucks); H (some passenger cars, sports cars, coupes, some light trucks); N, P, Q and R (light trucks); and V, W and Y (high-performance cars). Most winter tires have Q, S or T speed ratings.

What is the difference between Michelin Defender LTX and T H?

In near identical 17-inch tire sizes, the Defender LTX M/S achieves an LT specification and 116 load index while the Defender T + H is rated at just 102. This translates to a load capacity difference of almost 900 lbs.

Which is better Michelin premier or defender?

The Michelin Premier A/S with its higher speed rating and softer tread compound will have more immediate response during lane changes and sharp steering inputs. It will also maintain grip longer during hard cornering on dry pavement. In comparison, the Michelin Defender is all about practicality.

What tire is comparable to Michelin Defender?

Treadlife on both tires is long lasting, but we give the edge to Michelin over Goodyear. The Defender carries an 820 UTQG rating and an 80,000 mile warranty, while the TripleTred has a 740 UTQ Grating and an 80,000 mile tread guarantee.

Which tire is best Michelin or Goodyear?

The Michelin Defender is an excellent tire, but the Goodyear is just a little bit better. Even so, this is a good tire with excellent traction on dry, wet or slushy roads. But the tread life is not that good. Most consumers complained that this tire will last less than 50K miles.