Can you substitute table salt for kosher salt?

Can you substitute table salt for kosher salt?

You may substitute fine sea salt in the same amount, but kosher salt, because it has larger grains, measures differently. You will need about 1 1/8 – 1 1/4 teaspoons kosher salt to get the same amount of "saltiness" is 1 teaspoon of fine salt.

Why do so many recipes call for kosher salt?

Kosher salt is often recommended by TV chefs because it has a less intense and more pure, salty taste and because it's easier to pick up the crystals and toss them into the pot! (By the way, kosher salt is so called because of its role in the process for preparing foods such as meats according to the Jewish tradition.

Whats the difference between iodized salt and kosher salt?

The main difference between these two types of salts is that, kosher salt is unrefined, coarse, and it does not contain additives, unlike iodized salt. Kosher salt is usually considered a pure salt, and compared to iodized salt, its flavor is said to be milder.