What is hotel receptionist job?

What is hotel receptionist job?

Hotel receptionists welcome guests as they arrive at the hotel. Their duties include checking guests in and out, issuing keys, taking reservations by telephone or email, preparing bills and dealing with payments. They provide guests with information, answer their queries and deal with complaints.

How do I become a good hotel front desk receptionist?

Visit that property's website to see if they have any job openings. Visit the hotel in person to find out about job opportunities. Ask the hotel's concierge about information concerning job openings and where to apply. The concierge will most likely direct you to the hotel manager or assistant manager.

What can a receptionist be promoted to?

Receptionists may advance to other administrative positions with more responsibilities, such as secretaries and administrative assistants. Advancement opportunities often depend on the employees' computer skills, work habits, and work experience.